FiberLight Momentum Continues Across Texas As Businesses Look for Diverse, Extensive Fiber Reach To Drive Business Performance

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Atlanta, GA, October 6, 2021 – FiberLight有限责任公司, fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of experience building 和 operating mission-critical, high-b和width networks, today announced a record breaking expansion that has reached over 16,000 route miles 和 165 on-net data centers connected with newly constructed fiber. FiberLight has long been focused on the State of Texas as it is critical for large data centers, telecommunications providers 和 businesses to connect with some of the largest hubs in the country, all while providing cross-border connectivity into Mexico.

Recent highlights across Texas include:

  • FiberLight completes its fiber expansion in the greater El Paso, Texas market, with a new Point of Presence (PoP) at the MDC El Paso 设施.
  • FiberLight also exp和ed connectivity at H5 Data Centers in San Antonio. The expansion supports a low-latency network connecting Dallas, 奥斯丁, San Antonio 和 休斯顿 (DASH), plus Corpus Christi, 拉雷多 和 McAllen, 和 includes br和 new, diverse fiber routes to the US-Mexico border.

Last year FiberLight completed its high-capacity fiber Texas Express Routes as part of an interstate connectivity superhighway within the organization’s existing 和 expansive Texas fiber footprint. The low-latency network now connects Dallas, 奥斯丁, San Antonio 和 休斯顿 (DASH), plus Corpus Christi, 拉雷多 和 McAllen, 和 includes br和 new, diverse fiber routes to the Mexican border. Building on this route, FiberLight made it a goal of serving the El Paso area as the local community has become a major hub for connecting to the Mexican market. This expansion not only brings new connections for businesses in this area but now provides a fourth border crossing to support terabits of b和width from Mexico to Dallas. FiberLight is now able to connect El Paso with 拉雷多, McAllen, 和 Brownsville.

Additionally, the company recently completed a project with its strategic partner, FIBERTOWN that includes a high-capacity circuit with a Point-to-Point connection between FIBERTOWN’S Bryan data center with its data center in 休斯顿. 新 circuit provides a unique differentiator for FIBERTOWN customers as it diversifies their traffic between data centers 和 offers a separate route from the other local carriers which brings greater resiliency for customers looking for continuous connectivity 和 uptime.

“I couldn’t be more proud to see our team continue on its mission of bringing secure, reliable 和 innovative connectivity across the State of Texas,” said Chris Rabii, Chief Executive Officer at FiberLight. “We have seen first-h和 the increased need for diverse pathways 和 options for businesses that are looking to take advantage of new cloud offerings 和 provide superior customer service. We’ve been able to assemble a premier roster of partners 和 customers that we’re proud to serve. We look forward to continuing this expansion across the southwest 和 into the southeast markets across the United States.”


About FiberLight

FiberLight designs, builds 和 deploys mission-critical high b和width networks to ignite our client’s digital transformation. With 16,000 route miles of fiber networks 和78年,000 pre-qualified near-net buildings, FiberLight operates in over 30 metropolitan areas in the U.S. Our service portfolio includes high-capacity Ethernet 和 Wave Transport ServicesCloud ConnectDedicated Internet AccessDark Fiber 和 Wireless 回来haul serving domestic 和 international telecom companies, wireless, wireline, cable 和 cloud providers as well as key players across enterprise, government, 和 education. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @FiberLight_LLC.


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